Writing for Stage

Asian Pirate Musical, a collaborative project by Zhui Ning Chang, Frey Kwa Hawking, Jade Learmcharaskul, Sarita Lewis, Nemo Martin, and XANA 

  • Ongoing development with Papergang Theatre and Stage One support, 2021-present

  • R&D with Papergang Theatre, supported by Arts Council England, May to October 2020

  • Act One showcase, VAULT Festival 2020

  • APM YouTube channel here

Intertwined: The Musical by Zhui Ning Chang and Idris bin Azim (Greenwood Theatre, 2018)

Musical Podcast

Seashore Yuánfèn 海缘 by Zhui Ning Chang and Nemo Martin, composed by Nimrita Kaur

  • Listen to the demo track here

  • Musical Theatre Darkroom residency, China Plate Theatre 2022

Short Stories

Smoke and Sweetness, in Stories for a Cause II zine, Tabung Pelangi, 2021

Selected Editorials

Modernity and Tradition in Japan via Makoto Shinkai's Your Name, Fantasy/Animation [here]

Our Friend is Here: May and Zhui Ning’s Favourite Queer Asian Reads!, The Quiet Pond [here]

How brands could seize Chinese New Year and celebrate it with prosperity, The Unmistakables [here]

Escaping the West: A New Age of Speculative Fiction, Writers' HQ [here]

Tanah Air Kita: Our Earth and Water, Anak Sastra Vol. 30 and Project Yellow Dress [here]


Shining, Shimmering, Splendid: The Nostalgia Factor in Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin Remake and Beyond by Zhui Ning Chang and Shyamala Parthasarathy (NYU Press, forthcoming)

Reviews & Book Blogging

Review for The Book of Jakarta [here]

Review for E. Lily Yu's On Fragile Waves, Strange Horizons [here]

Zhui Ning reviews books for Library Journal, Strange Horizons, The BSFA Review and a variety of other platforms. She is active in the book sphere on Twitter